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International Cat Care


International Cat Care is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through advancing standards of veterinary practice and care provided by owners, breeders and catteries.

Principal activities

iCatCare provides specifically targeted information for all those who work with or care for cats. Specifically:
  • Funding veterinary surgeons to specialise in feline medicine at veterinary schools and centres of feline excellence. The Residents and Lecturers teach the vets and veterinary nurses of the future and also see cats on referral from veterinary surgeons in practice. The referred cases are often difficult to diagnose or treat. Knowledge gained from these cases is passed back to veterinary surgeons in practice via iCatCare's publication and other publications and at conferences and meetings.
  • Providing information for cat owners and breeders on a wide range of feline problems via the website as well as in information sheets and publications. A helpline is available
  • Striving to improve the care of cats in catteries by providing information on constructing and managing a boarding cattery and information for cat owners on choosing a cattery. Running a scheme of Listed Boarding Catteries to give owners information about high quality catteries. Educating those involved in licencing boarding catteries.
Membership 3000
Cost of membership £30 annually
Address High Street
Wilts SP3 6LD
Hours 09.00 - 17.00 Monday - Friday
Tel 0870 742 2278
Fax 01747 871873

Publications on cats for the public
iCatCare Magazine – quarterly magazine for members and supporters of International Cat Care
Cat Rescue Manual

Feral Cat Manual
Boarding Cattery Manual
Boarding Cattery Working Drawings

Essential Cattitude - an onsight into the feline world
Information sheets on feline topics

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Screening Scheme
PKD is an inherited problem which manifests as cysts in the kidneys. It is most common in Persians and Exotics but can be found in any breed which has had Persian input. The Screening Scheme provides a list of qualified ultrasonographers who can look at the kidney with ultrasound and tell if it is affected or not. This allows breeders to choose which cats they breed from in order to try to eliminate the disease. For further information see the iCatCare website
Listed Catteries Scheme
List of catteries which comply with the charity's Standard of Construction and Management of Boarding Catteries. See website for details

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