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Cats Protection


Formed in 1927, Cats Protection is the oldest and largest feline charity in the UK. Our main aims are:
  • To rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens, rehabilitate and rehome them where possible.
  • To encourage the neutering of all cats and kittens not required for breeding.
  • To inform the public about the care of cats and kittens.

Principal activities

  • Rescue and rehoming: A dedicated team of 8,000 volunteers carry out the majority of our vital rescue work. Every year our 260 Branches and 29 Shelters find homes for 60,000 stray and unwanted cats and kittens.
  • Neutering: Cats Protection supports neutering as the only effective way of reducing the vast number of unwanted cats and kittens in the UK. In pursuit of this goal we neuter over 100,000 felines a year and offer a neutering scheme for cat owners on a low income.
  • Website: Full of useful information about cat care and health, events, news and links to affiliated CP Branch websites (for rehoming).
  • Helpline: Receives on average 450 calls daily and offers general information on a range of subjects.
  • Cats Protection Veterinary Newsletter: Created for veterinary professionals, this newsletter includes all the latest in clinical feline news.
  • Leaflets: Covering a wide range of cat care/health/emotional topics. Visit for a full list or phone our Helpline.
  • Education: Teaching packs for nursery, primary and secondary school children available on request.
  • Showmobile: With a dedicated showmobile and stand, we visit a variety of shows and offer advice about cat care and the charity.
Address National Cat Centre
Chelwood Gate
Haywards Heath
RH17 7TT
Hours HQ   8:45 - 4:45pm, Monday to Friday
Helpline   9:00 - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday
Tel 08702 099 099
Fax 08707 708 265

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