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Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home

To rescue and shelter lost, unwanted and homeless dogs and cats and so same them from starvation and ill treatment and in doing so, remove a source of danger from the street.

Principal activities

Wherever possible, to re-unite lost dogs and cats with their owners and to find suitable homes for unclaimed and unwanted dogs and cats. If accommodation is available, to receive dogs and cats on a temporary basis, where the owners face an emergency. To operate a full neutering policy in accordance with veterinary advice. To operate a fostering policy whereby sick dogs and cats may spend their latter days in a home environment. Such other activities as shall promote the welfare of dogs and cats, appropriate to the organisation and capacity of the charity.

Address 204 Merafield Road
Plymouth PL7 1UQ
Hours Weekdays, except Thursday - 11.00 - 3.30pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays - 11.00 - 3.00pm
Tel 01752 331602
Fax 01752 331604

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